Adjustment to curriculum implementation timetable welcomed

06 July 2021

In response to the Welsh Government Education Minister’s announcement today that there will be an adjustment to the timetable for implementing Wales’s new curriculum, Dilwyn Roberts-Young, UCAC General Secretary said “We welcome the adjustment to the timetable as a sensible compromise. UCAC tends to agree that the primary sector is, in general, better placed to proceed according to the original timetable, while an extra year for secondary schools will be very much appreciated.

"This is recognition of the fact that secondary schools face a greater challenge in terms of changes to pedagogy and school structures. It is also an acknowledgement of the overwhelming task that has landed on the shoulders of secondary school staff in implementing this year’s alternative qualifications arrangements.

“We also welcome in principle the additional support in terms of funding, the establishment of the National Network, and the modification to Estyn's inspection framework, although many details remain to be confirmed.

“Our one disappointment is that implementing simultaneously for Years 7 and 8 in 2023 means that an opportunity has been missed to provide an additional year for adapting qualifications to fit the new curriculum. There is very significant work to be done to ensure - in line with the Minister's vision - that our qualifications match the exciting ambition behind our curriculum.”