Organisations urge change to Curriculum and Assessment Bill

19 February 2021

On Friday, 19 February, six organizations sent a joint letter to the Minister for Education requesting amendments to the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill.

The Minister had rejected an amendment to the Bill that would create a Code for Teaching Welsh on a Single Continuum, but suggested that a Welsh Language Framework could be created and that it could be statutory.

The six organizations - the Cymdeithas Ysgolion dros Addysg Gymraeg (CYDAG), Cymdeithas yr Iaith, Dyfodol yr Iaith, Mudiad Meithrin, Rhieni dros Addysg Gymraeg (RhAG) and UCAC are urging the Minister to create a Welsh Language Framework that would provide clear guidance on how to implement a continuum approach that fully develops pupils' Welsh language skills.

The organisations agree that making reference to the Framework on the face of the Bill would ensure its statutory status and give a clear indication of the Welsh Government's seriousness in ensuring the continuum is implemented effectively - as part of the drive to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The Bill will be debated in the Senedd on 2 March.

The joint letter.