The Supply Teacher Working Group

15 November 2018

The Supply Teacher Working Group

UCAC has attended a series of meetings which has given consideration to the pay and conditions of supply teachers.

In those meetings we have been working to ensure fairness for supply teachers by highlighting low salaries, the undermining of conditions of service and the lack of professional development opportunities.

UCAC’s General Secretary Dilwyn Roberts-Young attended the latest meeting on Thursday, 15th of November where a number of issues were raised.

The devolution of pay and conditions will eventually provide a golden opportunity for supply teachers to access professional development. 

The National Approach to Professional Learning (NAPL) is an investment in response to the changes facing the education system over the coming years. We will need to look at the impact the additional monies will have on schools employing supply teachers.

Over the coming days UCAC will be highlighting the circumstances of supply teachers in the Fair Work Commission consultation and raising concerns we have when supply teachers face allegations whilst working for agencies.

UCAC is committed to campaigning to ensure that supply teachers are treated with equity and respect as valued members of the education workforce.

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