10 January 2018

Disappointment about WJEC non-Welsh-speaking appointment

In response to the WJEC's announcement today that it had appointed a new Chief Executive, Elaine Edwards, UCAC General Secretary said "Whilst acknowledging the relevance of much of Roderic Gillespie's experience, UCAC restates its disappointment that the ability to communicate in Welsh was not a requirement for this appointment.

"We now face a situation where the Chief Executive of one of the most important organisations that has direct contact with schools and colleges in Wales is unable to communicate with them in Welsh. This is also likely to affect the internal linguistic dynamics of the organisation, as well as the relationship with other external partners.

"Without any apparent experience of the education system in Wales, one wonders about his level of awareness in relation to bilingualism in Wales and our bilingual education and qualifications system."

2 October 2017

UCAC shows support for the people of Catalonia

UCAC joined scores of people in Sgwâr Glyndwr, Aberystwyth on the evening of Monday 2 October to show solidarity with the people of Catalonia.

26 September 2017

UCAC welcomes ‘Our National Mission’ education action plan

UCAC teachers’ union has welcomed Education in Wales: Our national mission, the Education action plan that has been launched today.

The document sets out the priorities for Wales’s education system from 2017 until 2021, within the context of the Welsh Government’s recently launched ‘Prosperity for All: the national strategy’.

14 September 2017

Welcome efforts to reduce workload

Today, the Welsh Government announced £1.28m to fund a pilot scheme to introduce Business Managers to clusters of primary schools across Wales. The aim of the investment is to reduce the administrative burden on headteachers in order to free them up to concentrate on educational matters.

Also being launched today are 'Reducing Workload' guidelines approved by Welsh Government, Estyn, local authorities, regional education consortia, the Education Workforce Council, and education unions.

28 July 2017

Joint union response to Government proposals following the STRB's 27th Report

The education unions (UCAC, NUT, NAHT, ASCL, ATL and VOICE) have issued a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Education calling on the Government to ensure that the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document provides all teachers with a pay increase in line with the STRB recommendations for the relevant pay range.