2 February 2018

UCAC opposes imposition of car parking charges in Swansea

In response to proposals from Swansea Council to impose charges on school staff to park on school grounds, Elaine Edwards, UCAC General Secretary said:

"UCAC is astounded at this proposal from Swansea Council which smacks of desperation. We firmly oppose the proposal.

"It's totally unacceptable that the Council would wish to impose parking charges on a public sector workforce that has seen salaries frozen or capped for the last seven years.

"Teachers carry huge loads of books every day which makes travelling by public transport impracticable.

"And we're concerned that the imposition of charges will increase the bureaucratic burden on headteachers who might be expected to collect fees and distribute licences.

"To think that the charges could be introduced from April, the proposals remain totally nebulous, and we are yet to see any level of consultation.

"We call on Swansea Council to withdraw these unreasonable and ill-thought-out proposals immediately, in order to avoid causing catastrophic damage to their relationship with the education workforce."


  • UCAC is Wales’s own education union. It represents teachers, headteachers and lecturers in all education sectors across Wales.

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